Livestock Auction dates (please check dates with Auction Centre)
Thursday 15 December 2011 Sale of Store Cattle, Store Sheep, Rearing Calves click here for details >>
Monday 19 December 2011 Fat Lambs, Cull Ewes, Fat Cattle and OTMS
Thursday 22 December 2011 Christmas Show and Sale of Dressed Poultry click here for details >>

PRE-MOVEMENT TB TESTING Please note we are holding Green Exempt Markets. This means that fat cattle attending a Green Exempt Market do not need to be pre-movement tested. This exemption is allowed as cattle are only able to go on to slaughter, back home, onto an approved holding and onto an exempt finishing unit. Dairy cows will still need to be tested. Calves and Dairy Cows (in Gwilym Richards sale) must be kept separate from the finished cattle, so please make sure cattle are unloaded in the correct part of the market.

Catalogues also available by post from the Auction Centre 01989 762225

Conditions of Sale

All cattle are sold subject to the Conditions of Sale as prescribed by the NFU, BVA and LAA which are available for inspection from the Auctioneers. Weights are given for guidance only. The cattle are sold as seen and the right to vary the catalogue entries is reserved. Would Vendors please note that we take no responsibility for wrong Passports. If you require help reading ear tag numbers to match Passports, please get your cattle into market early.

While every help will be given by the Market Staff in handling of passports, the Vendor is responsible for ensuring that the correct documents correspond with each animal lot number. Please note: any purchaser finding documents incorrect must notify the Auctioneer within 7 days after which any dispute must be take up direct with the Vendor.

Would Vendors please note that any cattle missing Ear Tags CANNOT be accepted for sale. They will be licensed to go home by Trading Standards.

Special note to Vendors and Purchasers of Store Heifers: All heifers are held to be free of bull unless otherwise stated. If any such animal is found to be in calf the Purchaser must give notice, in writing, accompanied by a Vet's Certificate to the Auctioneers within 6 months of the date of purchase. The Purchaser will then have the option of:

  1. Returning the disputed animal and receiving costs for keep (at a fixed rate carriage one way and Vet's Certificate OR
  2. Receiving 33% of the purchase price from the Vendor as full and final settlement.



It is increasingly important that livestock farmers are members of the above Farm Assured Livestock Schemes. If you are a member will you kindly provide with your cattle entry your registration number. If you are not a member it is important that you should join.
The telephone numbers to obtain an application form are: FABBL (English Farmers) (01908) 231642 or FAWL (Welsh Farmers) (01970) 636688.