Market Reports

Livestock Auction dates and conditions


Store Sale - 15 December 2011 - click here for details>>

Show and Sale of Dressed Poultry - 22 December 2011 - click here for details >>


ESCAPED LIVESTOCK PLAN All farmers must secure the market gates to the gates of their trailers each and every time stock are loaded/unloaded. If this is not done you are liable for any damage caused by an escaped animal. Once you have finished loading/unloading these gates must be shut and secured. If an animal does escape please inform a member of staff immediately who will blow the 'Whistle'. This then warns the gate keeper to close the vehicle gates. Available staff will secure the market perimeter. Once secure, the escaped animal will need to be herded back into the market pens. (We may use quiet stock already penned to help catch the escaped animal).


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